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Nobody can attest to the value of the Summer Programs Fair than the past participants.  Here is what some exhibitors have to say about the 2010 Fair.  

"The setting and timing is pretty good.  Please keep it this way."
  • Anonymous

"All of my dealing with MyLinh have been excellent, prior to, during and following the event. She even made a point to introduce herself and ask for feedback during the Fair. She was a pleasure to deal with. The program is a huge + for attendees. Sometimes info is missed/forgotten when seeing so many opportunities, so I’m sure this was a help for families. 

Also, there were lots of little details that made a big difference:
-Having students with glow sticks at the entrance to show us the way in
-Yummy snacks (always appreciated!)
-Having student helpers available during the event etc.

It was evident that the event was very well though out. Thank you."
  • Stephanie Johnston, Academy of Art University

"I just wanted to thank you again for contacting us. Scott told me there were at least 15 interested parents and we’ve already had one sign up for camp this summer. Definitely keep us in mind for next year, or for that matter, anything else you have before summer."
  • Laura Segura, NTLP: National Teen Leadership Program

"On behalf of Michele Palmer, I would like to sincerely thank you for all the work you did last Friday night in Fremont. We met many wonderful parents whose dedication to the education of their children was positively inspiring. We were able to share information about the Gifted Students Academy at UCI in a relaxed and exciting setting. Much of this was due to your hard work and professionalism!"
  • John Gardiner, Instructor, Gifted Students Academy, UCI